Road Trip Midwest Part 2

Our awesome friend Jayce from @a_beautiful_purpose lives in Iowa and we met a few years back in California. Since then we try to meet up in her neck of the woods for some quick and dirty Junkin. This time, she lined up a barn dig that we were happy to oblige in clearing out. The barn belonged to Larry’s grandparents and was falling over. In the 1950s,the new quonsut hut was built for storage and the barn sat. That was our destination… And it includes goodies from the hut too.

We carefully climbed to the second story and instagrammed live the feed of that dig. Not sure how that works so much but did any over you see all the racoon s%!T? It was quite impressive to say the least. But we found some great old gears and wooden blocks up there. Jayce scored a huge window piece we knew we could not get out.

Finally, we got to walk around the rest of the property and my second favorite part, the cows. The larger cow was super friendly and headed over each fence visit. You can see by the pic. It definitely was one of the highlights of the trip if not ever!


If you want more authentic vintage in the Midwest , the real stuff like you find here with us, get to A Beautiful Purpose in West Branch, Iowa. Cute town, excellent shop and friend.

Sandy and Katy


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