Road Trip Midwest Part 2 – Junkstock

Headed to Junkstock for just about the full three days of the event. We made sure to visit most of the vendors to support, shop and check out what is new, hot or unique to bring back to the shop. There were pretty cool farm and primitives, we learned alot and made lots of friends that we new on Instagram but had never seen the faces. Several people sent us on leads to future places to stop along the way. Junkstock is fantastic because it is big enough to spend three days but small enough to grow our Vintage family.

Here are some picks:

We ate from The Rude Shrimp Co. All three days. Incredible food and shrimp choices.

Plasma cut cans from. Sean and Jenny Olson of Roadside Relics

Hot air Ballon rides on Day One. They were beautiful in the evening.


Road Trip Midwest 2018 part 1

Making our big Midwest trip now. We left yesterday and made it to Omaha. What a treat already. We were referred to a shop in a part of town and the owner just picked a ranch.. We were able to rummage his truck and the small renal car already has locker baskets, some concrete swans and an old, old rake. Woo-hoo Nebraska. Tomorrow is the Husker game. Looking forward to the red sea tomorrow.

Store Remodel January 2018

We are excited about finally getting our remodel underway. We have been in the space for 2 years and after opening Landlord still had projects of his own to complete in store and then outdoor. We never had the chance to truly get the store in place. This month we are closing the last 2 weeks in January to remodel the shop and are excited about our reopening February 1st.