Meet The Company

katy and sandy

Co-Owners of Tumbleweed and Company

(L) Katy Halligan of The Rusty Clover

(R) Sandy Bryan of Sandy Bryan Vintage Home


Cindy Valentini of Chez Flea

And Ana and John of Tejana Antiques

With Patty Halvorsen (in memoriam)



Megan Holman

Its All in the Details

for Vintage Inspired Event Rentals


2 thoughts on “Meet The Company

  1. Love the look of your shop!!! Reminds me of Sweet Salvage in Phoenix, AZ. Will take a drive from SF to check you all out!
    Love old stuff
    Kate Spadia


    • The ultimate compliment. We love that shop and love the concept! Someday we hope to grow that large but in the meantime, we are overstuffed with goodness! Cannot wait to thrill you.
      See you soon.
      The Tumbleweed Girls!


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